Doctors of Pakistani origin in and around Sheffield helping to build model and healthier communities by integration

Sheffield Healthcare Association by Pakistani Doctors (SHAPD) UK is a non-profitable organization representing a group of Healthcare doctors and their families in South Yorkshire working together to develop a healthy relationship with each other and to benefit the community locally and in Pakistan through our services. We endeavour to contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to our communities through integrated Clinical, Educational and Research activities

What SHAPD Does


SHAPD Events

SHAPD has a very active events team to organise a variety of social events coinciding with important National and other significant dates. It also arranges regular get togethers for members and general community for integration. We are aiming to run fundraising events by for certain charities in future. SHAPD organises regular sporting events for members.


Charity and Outreach

Our ethos is built on integration with community to share our expertise and knowledge to help improve awareness about a number of health issues. We believe in building a better community by improving mental, moral and physical strength of our people by integration. We are running regular sessions at local community groups and via Public speaking forums. We have specific future plans for certain charity campaigns in future.


Mentoring and Education

SHAPD is very fortunate to have an excellent group of mentors and academics who have volunteered to mentor young medical professionals. We are running a variety of educational sessions to help raise awareness about career choices and financial freedom.






UP Coming Events

All social events have been cancelled due to SARS2 pandemic and will resume after the government go-ahead for bigger gatherings.
SHAPD sports includes regular Cricket, Badminton and Tennis. These are currently suspended due to COVID, with the exception of those played outdoor.
Badminton / Tennis are organised by Farooq Kazmi and Adeel Rauf, whilst organiser for Cricket is Umair

Latest Events

A series of Educational Videos on COVID Vaccination (Urdu)

COVID Vaccination

Educational Event

Sheffield Healthcare Association by Pakistani Doctors arranged an Educational Event on 07/02/2020 at Sheffield Medical School.

Pakistan Day Celebration

Sheffield Healthcare Association by Pakistani Doctors celebration 23 March 2019 Pakistan day at Arooj restaurant Sheffield.